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Share Your Thoughts on Micro-shelter Villages

Micro-shelter villages are new to Salem and provide managed, temporary housing opportunities for people who are unsheltered, combined with outreach services designed to match individuals with resources.

Please take a moment to read this information and comment about one or more of the sites being considered.

The City of Salem, in partnership with area non-profits, offers temporary shelter for individuals who are chronically homeless or recently unhoused. These micro-shelter villages provide up to 40 small living spaces to be used as temporary housing.  At each location, we are providing 24-hour security, restrooms, meals, peer support, and connections to local service providers and programs.

The City of Salem is actively seeking locations to expand alternative shelter options within the City limits. Finding appropriate sites for the next micro-shelter community remains challenging. Ideally, properties suitable for this kind of sheltering are positioned with:
  • Grade of less than 5%
  • Utilities and storm drain access within 100-200 feet
  • Bus stop within half a mile
  • Outside of floodway, at least 75 feet from riparian area, no wetland present
  • Within City of Salem limits, outside of FAA flight path
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