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SPL Outreach Visit and Program Request

Salem Public Library encourages community organizations and community members to submit ideas for programs in the library or to request outreach visits from library staff. Please provide us with a few details about your request. If you have questions about the form or want to discuss details with a staff member, please call 503-588-6315 or email

For library program proposals, the Library Partnership Statement applies:

The Salem Public Library pursues a limited number of partnership opportunities for programs and events that bring value to the community and are aligned with the Library’s mission. Partnership is defined as Library-hosted programs coordinated and attended by Library staff working with an outside entity (Partner) in Library facilities, supported and co-marketed by the Library. Agreements between the Library and its partners must be beneficial to all parties. In particular, these relationships should further the Library's goals in one or more of the following ways:
  1. Increase Library visibility in the community.
  2. Support Library activities, services, events and programs.
  3. Enhance or create ways to respond to identified community needs.
2. Are you proposing an outreach visit or a program in the library? *This question is required.
3. Please tell us the source of this library program idea.
3. As a Salem Public Library staff member, how would you like to be involved if the program moves forward?
3. Do you have a suggested presenter or organization that you would recommend for this library program or event?
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3. Who is the target audience? *This question is required.
4. What do you want library staff to do at this outreach event?
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