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Suggest City of Salem 2022 Bond Projects

Community Priorities for City Construction

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Salem is collecting ideas for a community improvement bond measure to fund up to $300 million in community projects. What are your ideas?

The City is in a unique position to issue up to $300 million in general obligation bonds over the next 10 years, without increasing the tax levy rate per $1,000 of assessed property value.  The general obligation bond measure requires voter approval.

The most urgent bond-eligible need is replacement of the City's fire trucks and equipment.  Following the investment in fire protection, the bond will fund community priorities for:

  • streets, bridges, and sidewalks
  • parks and recreation facilities
  • acquiring sites and buildings for affordable housing and shelter; and
  • other City facilities (Civic Center seismic upgrade, future fire stations, upgraded technology). 

The general obligation bond measure requires voter approval in November 2022.

What can we fund with a general obligation bond?
Like other local governments, the City of Salem issues bonds to pay for infrastructure expenses that are too costly to pay from operational dollars. Typically funded through general obligation bonds, these bonds must be approved by voters and are paid back with property taxes. This is almost like a homeowner taking out a loan to make improvements to their home.

Bonds can only be spent on capital costs, like the cost of land and "other assets having a useful life of more than one year” and could include costs associated with “acquisition, construction, improvement, remodeling, furnishing, equipping, maintenance and repair" but doesn’t include cost of "routine maintenance or supplies" (Oregon Constitution, Article XI, Section 11L).

We're planning ahead – for the next 10 years – for our community’s project needs, positioning City-owned infrastructure and facilities for years to come.

Learn more about the Infrastructure Bond and the City Council Steering Committee for Infrastructure Bond Engagement on our Salem Infrastructure Bond web page.

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