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BRE Survey

Please fill out this short (10 minute) survey to assist the City of Salem and our partners in better understanding the needs and opportunities of our businesses and contribute to effective programs and policies.

This survey should be completed by the business owner, general manager, operations manager, or other person significantly involved in the primary business decisions at your business. Only one person from your business should complete this survey. If you own multiple businesses, please answer questions with respect to the one business you identify in this survey.
2. Contact Information *This question is required.
3. Which industry best describes your business?
4. Are you interested in learning more about opportunities and resources available for international exporting?
5. Tell Us About Your Business.
6. Is your corporate headquarters in Salem?
10. Is your business currently dealing with any of the following issues? Please check the COVID-19 box if this is a new or exacerbated challenge due to COVID-19. (Check yes/no for each)
Space Cell YesNoImpacted by COVID
Transportation & Supply chain – availability and timely delivery or shipment of materials and products
Increased costs of doing business (materials, supplies, rent)
Need for more space
Need for less space
Transition to online sales
Hiring and retaining workers
Remote workplace challenges
Access to funding, including COVID-19 grants
Lack of PPE
Access to current COVID-19 guidelines and requirements (OSHA/CDC guidelines compliance)
Childcare availability and/or costs
Workforce housing availability and/or costs
11. Is your business currently dealing with infrastructure issues, such as gas, electric, water, sewer, roads/traffic, or internet? 
13. How has COVID-19 impacted your sales and revenue? (Select one)
15. New Hires: Are new employees missing the basic skills needed for the position they were hired? Check all that apply.
16. Existing Workers: Do you have workers who need to be trained up to fill positions? If so, please describe what type of training the employee needs. Check all that apply.
17. Where are you finding success with hiring? Check all that apply.
18. What are your business projections for the next 1-3 years?
19. Overall, how would you rate Salem as a place to do business?
20. What are the top three actions the City and its partners can take to improve Salem as a place to do business?
21. May the City of Salem and/or SEDCOR contact you to follow up on your survey responses?
22. Would you like to receive emails about future grants, trainings, policy updates, and COVID-19 related resources?